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Do more blades mean a better shave? It's a close call
They also say that dragging six blades across the face causes more bumps and irritation than a single blade would. The darling of these shaving contrarians is the double-edged safety razor ... of the research on razors and hair removal was produced ...
Is bikini waxing a health hazard? Hair removal creates 'open wounds that are vulnerable to serious infection' warns medical expert
Zap, pluck, wax, shave - the possibilities seem to be endless when it comes to keeping one's hair down there neat and tidy. But one medical expert has spoken out about the various health risks that come with pubic hair removal. Family physician Emily ...
Hair removal: Methods, techniques and costs
Some razors now have three to five blades for an ultra-smooth shave. If you are in a hurry, many disposables come with a moisture strip or even built in shave cream. If you are using the razor ... Beauty recently introduced the Tria Laser Hair Removal ...
The Best Disposable Razor Ever!
Im the type of girl whos always looking for fast and easy beauty solutions ... and spending money on pricey laser-hair-removal treatments seems rather ridiculous given the state of our economy. Hand me a good ol' razor, and Im one happy and hairless ...
Health Risks of Hair Removal Methods
From waxing to sugaring, threading, and beyond, check out the health risks involved when it comes to common hair removal ... With shaving, there is a risk for nicks, ingrown hairs, and the dreaded razor burn. If you forget to change out the blades, dull ...
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Shaving Basics: Aftercare (Video)
Whether you have sensitive skin or are the rough-and-tough kind, shaving is something most men have ... and free of razor burn. Razor blades are designed to lift hairs away from the surface of the skin and easily cut through the hair without much force.
Laser, razor, or Brazilian wax?
Stephen Mulholland at SpaMedica in Toronto, this is the case. “[Laser] hair removal is the number one thing we do,” Mulholland says. “It dwarfs Botox and photofacials.” In fact, North Americans are lasering off a billion dollars’ worth of hair ...
Natural Beauty Tips for Men
Dave Samuels has been writing for magazines and websites for more than 25 years, covering small business management, marketing, human ... can scrape, burn and irritate skin. Loosen your beard with hot water, then apply a moisturizer before ...
Home Remedies To Treat Razor Cuts
However, shaving leaves behind some skin problems like itching, red bumps, soreness and cuts ... So, here are some of the best home remedies that can help you heal the razor burns naturally. Instead of applying lotions and creams, you can opt for these ...
Health Risks of Hair Removal Methods
Once the hairs begin to grow back, you may find painful raised bumps (ingrown hairs), especially under your arms or your ... you're scared waxing will hurt but don't want to shave every day to remove hair, using a depilatory such as Nair is an option.
Do more blades mean a better shave? It's a close call
They say that multi-blade razors - often touted in commercials for their ability to "lift and cut" the hair beneath the skin line - are a major cause of ingrown hairs. They also say that dragging six blades across the face causes more bumps and irritation ...